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Start with the smallest plan that you think you’ll need, we can always adjust your plan later on. We will get to work on your set up, and before you know it, you will have a Dedicated Office Staff. Get ready to enjoy the benefits of full time employees, without the headaches or expense!

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Who should we be familiar with? (VIP Clients, Vendors, Etc)
Please share access information for your CRM, Calendar, Etc. We will review protocol during training. Include web addresses, usernames and passwords.
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I would like Dedicated Office to:
Take messages for all calls and never patch.
Take messages for all calls, but patch emergency calls to me.
Answer questions about product(s) and service(s).
Place customer orders (Please provide website(s) on question #7)
Schedule appointments. (Provide log in criteria on question #7)
Want us to qualify Leads?
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Additional details:
What information would you like us to collect from callers? (For example: name, phone number, availability, question or issue, etc.)
Would you like us to record a general voicemail for after hours, or do you have a preferred voicemail script you would like us to use?
If general, the voicemail would be similar to this: Thank you for calling (company name), you have reached us after hours! Our normal business hours are (company hours). Please leave a detailed message including your name, phone number and the reason for your call, and your call will be returned during normal business hours. Thank you for calling and have a great day!
Do you have a preferred voicemail script?
Preferred Voicemail Script

By submitting this form, I acknowledge and agree to the privacy policy and terms and conditions. I consent to transaction communications, to allow my information to be shared with lending partners, and to receive calls, text messages, and/or emails from Dedicated Office Solutions or its affiliates at the phone number or email address provided. Consent is not a condition of service, and you may choose to contact us directly.


When you add live call answering with your own Dedicated Office Team, you multiply results while freeing your time to focus on your strengths.


If phone calls are a critical part of your business, you need a Dedicated Team of virtual receptionists to run the show for you so you can grow your business while focusing on your strengths.

Dedicated Office is the only way to quickly add teams of trained professionals to qualify leads, schedule appointments, process orders, explain products and services, relay messages, and more.




Our Dedicated Team will represent themselves as your company – no one will know that you’re using an answering service! We will relay messages, qualify leads, process orders, schedule appointments and more.


Our Dedicated Team will represent themselves as your company – no one will know that you’re using an answering service! We will relay messages, qualify leads, process orders, schedule appointments and more.


One of the strongest benefits of outsourcing with Dedicated Office is that appointments are both set and updated in real time using any service you’d like including Google calendars or your own proprietary software.


All our virtual receptionists have the experience to go into any backend order-system, shopping cart or database and do anything from place orders to enter support tickets to tracking orders.


Dedicated Office Solutions is proudly woman-owned and operated. Our virtual receptionists are committed to these three tenets: LEARN, GROW, SERVE.

Your Team of Dedicated Virtual Receptionists are constantly learning to understand your business and processes. It starts with our onboarding questionnaire, then continues through the training phase when we start grasping your processes and goals. Then, we learn with each and every call understanding your business in and out just like you do so we can provide the best possible service to your customers.

The relationship between your Dedicated Office Team is a journey, not a destination. We are constantly looking for ways to expand our ability to serve you and your clients. Hand-holding is not necessary. After the initial training period, please don’t expect us to settle with the status quo. Expect to be impressed!

Serving our clients. It is at the core of everything we do here at Dedicated Office Solutions. How do we serve our clients? Simple. By serving their clients and customers with everything we’ve got. Don’t be surprised if your clients regularly tell you how much they love your “new staff members.” That’s our goal after all.


We provide our reception, sales and scheduling teams to three primary sectors: Home Services, Professional Services and Online Retail/E-Commerce. Click below to learn more.




This is an amazing service!

This is an amazing service! I highly recommend it and the company. People who know me call and ask “when did you hire new people” or they’ll say something like “tell Sergio I was only kidding when I….” All because… Read more “This is an amazing service!”

Corrine S.
Absolute Events

Professionalism, courtesy, efficiency… it’s a dream.

Hallo everybody! I am writing to let you all know how impressed I am by the service. Professionalism, courtesy, efficiency… it’s a dream. I also asked my clients about the interaction with “my people” and not one said anything less… Read more “Professionalism, courtesy, efficiency… it’s a dream.”

Stefania M, Owner
Stef’s Therapeutic Bodywork

Thank you Adi.

Adi and all her staff are professionals that are not content to just provide you with someone to answer your phone but instead continue to work at providing a level of service that exceeds the service they gave to you… Read more “Thank you Adi.”

Erik S.
Extended Horizons Scuba

What an amazing company

What an amazing company lead by 1 fantastic person, Adi Campuzano. If you are looking for an office solution then you have found the only one that makes sense in my book. Adi and her team are dedicated to giving… Read more “What an amazing company”

Joel C.
Security Solutions

Remarkable service

Dedicated office solutions is a remarkable service that I have been using for the past 6 years. The customer service reps are professional and are trained to know your account. I would recommend this service to anyone that needs a… Read more “Remarkable service”

Angela A.

I highly recommend them

I have used this company for a few years and the service is excellent. I wish more companies offering these services had their staff trained with the same care, compassion and professionalism as Dedicated Office. I highly recommend them. I… Read more “I highly recommend them”

Amanda K
Baby Envision 4D Ultrasounds

We count on Dedicated Office

When we’re busy saving lives at FASTEX AED, we can count on the professional team at Dedicated Office Services to answer calls and provide quality service to our customers.

Fran R

Sales are up and I owe it to dedicated office!

Dedicated office is more than amazing. They’ve helped improve my business tremendously. My customers cannot stop saying good things about their service. Sales are up and i owe it to dedicated office! Thanks guys…

Giovanni Y.

Our own personal Johnny on the spots!

Our own personal Johnny on the spots! We love it! And our clients love having their calls answered by people instead of voice mail!

Michelle F.

I couldn’t run my multi-million dollar company without them

Dedicated is Awesome. I couldn’t run my multi-million dollar company without them. They play good pretend, like they are there in the office with me. They are dedicated to learning my business, my products and my customers needs. They are… Read more “I couldn’t run my multi-million dollar company without them”

Katie H.
Celebration Saunas

Everyone ALWAYS goes above and beyond

What would I do without everyone at DOS? I can tell you, DROWN!
Thank you so much, you and everyone ALWAYS go above and beyond with the eager to please attitude! It is a real quality company over there.

Foundation Repair Company in N. Dallas
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