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Start with the smallest plan that you think you’ll need, we can always adjust your plan later on. We will get to work on your set up, and before you know it, you will have a Dedicated Office Staff. Get ready to enjoy the benefits of full time employees, without the headaches or expense!

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Who are the main contacts associated with this account? (Please include their name, title, email, work number, and mobile number & carrier.)
Who should we be familiar with? (VIP Clients, Vendors, Etc)
Please share access information for your CRM, Calendar, Etc. We will review protocol during training. Include web addresses, usernames and passwords.
Will DOS place orders for you?
Will DOS schedule appointments for you?
Will DOS open and manage tickets for you?
Will DOS Manage other things for you?
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Monday - Friday: 6:00 AM – 8:00pm CST

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Do you want a voicemail with a custom greeting and messages emailed as a .wav file?
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What greeting would you like our agents to use when answering your calls?
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I would like Dedicated Office to:
Take messages for all calls and never patch.
Take messages for all calls, but patch emergency calls to me.
Answer questions about product(s) and service(s).
Place customer orders (Please provide website(s) on question #7)
Schedule appointments. (Provide log in criteria on question #7)
Want us to qualify Leads?
Complete a form I provide
Additional details:
What information would you like us to collect from callers? (For example: name, phone number, availability, question or issue, etc.)
Would you like us to record a general voicemail for after hours, or do you have a preferred voicemail script you would like us to use?
If general, the voicemail would be similar to this: Thank you for calling (company name), you have reached us after hours! Our normal business hours are (company hours). Please leave a detailed message including your name, phone number and the reason for your call, and your call will be returned during normal business hours. Thank you for calling and have a great day!
Do you have a preferred voicemail script?
Preferred Voicemail Script

By submitting this form, I acknowledge and agree to the privacy policy and terms and conditions. I consent to transaction communications, to allow my information to be shared with lending partners, and to receive calls, text messages, and/or emails from Dedicated Office Solutions or its affiliates at the phone number or email address provided. Consent is not a condition of service, and you may choose to contact us directly.


As a professional service provider, you need to focus on doing what you do best. You can’t do that if you are constantly worried about scheduling, sales or answering the phone. That’s where your DEDICATED team of phone agents come in.



Our team of professional virtual receptionists are dedicated to helping professionals like yourself excel at what you do best by supporting you with what we do best.

When you activate your team of Dedicated Office Professionals, the journey begins. Our goal is to understand your business the way you do so we can answer your phone calls, create and manage your appointments & CRM, handle questions and explain your products and services the way you would hope we would. We do this by focusing on three specific areas: reception, scheduling and sales.


Whether we are answering questions, scheduling appointments or educating your clients or patients about your services, your Dedicated Team will be ready to answer & handle your calls the way you expect us to. We study your business/practice processes so we can provide 5-star service to everyone who needs your professional services.

Your own team of dedicated receptionists. Custom greetings tailored for your business or practice.
We study your processes & know your business. Friendly and accurate message taking.
Call patching and forwarding. Improved communication with your clients/patients.


As a professional, we know your calendar is everything. It is critical that your phones are answered quickly and your clients and patients are treated with respect, kindness and efficiency. We will set & update your appointments in real time using any service you’d like including Google calendars or your own proprietary software.

We Set Appointments For YOU. We Utilize YOUR Systems
We’ll update your calendar in real time. We handle updates, changes and re-scheduling.
We will help you schedule MORE appointments than ever. Spend more time working on your clients and patients.


Your Dedicated Team will become intimately aware of your services and offerings so we can ensure your patients and clients clearly understand the what the services you have to offer.

We study and understand the services you have to offer your clients. We are ready and willing to answer questions your callers have about your services.
We are constantly learning new ways to help your patients and clients get maximum benefit from your expertise. We are able to recommend additional services as needed to your callers.


We serve a vast array of professionals including but not limited to the ones you see below. If you are ready to leave your phones to the pros, click the GET STARTED link to fill out our questionnaire.


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