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With social media marketing progressively becoming widespread, it is undoubtedly one of the more results driven forms of advertising for entrepreneurs today. The bottom line is, as the number of users grows across the social media boards each year, so does your reach to consumers. If you really think about it, it’s a no-brainer. When you run your business on location only, your scope is limited to just the consumers who are local to your business, whereas with social media your virtual outreach is boundless.

Social Media Marketing Tips
Here are some key factors to ensure that you are putting the power of social media marketing to use. 

Strategize. It’s important to know your target consumer’s behavior patterns. By simply using a search engine, you can find out what time of day they usually log on and what type of posts catch their attention most. Some social media marketing sites have these statistics readily available to you while others will provide it for a fee. Knowing these numbers will give you an idea of what to post and what time of day would provide the best results.

Know how to retain your new audience. Now you’ve built your audience, and it appears that your number of followers is steadily increasing, but how do you keep them interested? Interaction is vital with social media. The good news is, there are various ways to retain your audience’s attention. For example, if you notice more conversation is used on Facebook than say picture-only posts like Instagram, then use conversational interaction. Direct a question to your audience so that they feel you are interested. This creates a personal connection between them and you. For example, ask how everyone spent their weekend and watch how they respond to you and also start interacting amongst each other. Another great way to retain your audience is by creating contests with giveaways.  Perhaps you can partner with a well-known brand to provide prizes. Who doesn’t love anything free?

Stay relevant to the trends. Part of your daily ritual at the start of business each day should be to check what’s trending on the bigger social media sites like Twitter. What is everyone talking about today? Once you find out what topics seem to be hot and what hashtags are trending, find a way to intertwine your business with one or more of the hot topics of the day. This will keep you relevant to the trends, and your customers will feel they can relate to you because you found a way to relate to them.

Power of visual. Don’t underestimate the power of shiny objects. The better the quality of your images, the better your chances of capturing someone’s attention for more than 5 seconds. As the popularity of using social media has grown, our power to scan over the garbage has grown as well. Most people can scroll quickly through “the noise” nowadays because it’s become a daily routine. Vibrant images with excellent quality increase your chances of getting stopped on in the scroll process.

Customer service at its simplest.  Social media platforms can also become an invisible customer service representative for your business. Use this power to build relationships with your consumers. Allow them to post questions or concerns, but more importantly make sure you respond to them. No one likes being ignored. The quicker your reply, the bigger their smile. It’s that simple.

According to Facebook statistics, they are averaging 890 million active logins per day. Comparing that with previous years, they are showing an average of 18 % growth in daily logins per year.  You can be certain that this number is considerably larger than the number of people you are limited to reaching each day locally. Understanding the power of these numbers will help you realize just how paramount social media marketing is to your business.

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